Getting Through January



It’s been ages since I posted here and I have been wittering and fretting about whether or not to even continue the blog, but ultimately, it’s a good discipline for a writer and frankly, the most instant way I know to be published.  Which is often satisfying.   All of this can make one feel extremely down of course (particularly when combined with a nasty virus that has only just released its claws from me) and I have spent rather too much time dwelling on Donald Trump, my own money worries, Black Mirror which I will never watch again as I only slept 92 minutes after watching two episodes, Donald Trump again, repetitively bad Tarot card readings and the atrophying effect that lack of collagen is wreaking on my person, which I like to confirm daily by going to the worst lit mirror in our house and hanging upside down.

I believe that this act may be the evil twin of doing Positive Affirmations.

Oh, and also wondering if I should be scanning the Book of Revelation with a fresher, keener eye for detail since the world we are living in at the moment seems poised for something that is um, not greatness. Continue reading

Stop the World I Missed my Stop




I’ve been stalling posting anything this week because I simply cannot write about anything vacuous without commenting on what a terrible few weeks this has been news wise; I’ve watched extensive news coverage on all the tragedy (and then follow-up tragedy) in Dallas, being vigilant to not watch any of the streaming or videos because I am someone’s mother and just cannot if I intend to function for the rest of the day.

This is not even considering the assorted terrorist atrocities.

I feel troubled, sick and totally helpless in equal parts.

And no, this does not help or change anything, I get that, but who can just step up and happily order a latte after ingesting all this toxic information?

It seems disrespectful at the very least.

I find that I am ashamed to be human a good deal of the time these days.

Sooo, I am not going to offer up anything else except this link to a wise and completely brilliant essay by Garnette Cadogan.

(I heard this being read on the radio over the weekend and had to pull over so I could listen deeply and fully).

No quick fix is being presented here incidentally; but Mr.Cadogan’s calm, intellectual and emotive prose is extremely thought provoking and unsettling in just the right way.

(There’s also these amazing father and son letters but not for the faint of heart …)