Brown Bat, Brown Bat


_145, 10/20/04, 11:47 AM,  8C, 2956x3762 (421+717), 62%, bent 6 stops,  1/60 s, R72.2, G55.3, B69.2


Shortly after I became Suddenly Single the house that I had known and loved turned against me.

A basement that had always been as dry as the Gobi began to roil and flood; plumbing disintegrated and turned my ceilings to paper; appliances – all of them – made a suicide pact behind my back and a once glorious Victorian pond now featured bloated fish bobbing gruesomely amongst the lilies.

It was therefore not surprising in the least to come home late one night, flip on the light switch and notice that hanging upside down on the corner of one of my picture frames was a bat. We were close enough to be eye to eye. His wings were leathery yet fluffy and folded around him like the spokes of an umbrella.

I screamed a loud Psycho-scream as his eyes slid towards me, cartoon-style, but then I noticed that his tiny brown body was ticking with its own frightened pulse. For some time (okay, a really long time) we regarded one another in this way. Continue reading