Talkin’ About My Maceration




It’s become very fashionable to make a big statement about eating “locally” and “seasonally” but many of us have been doing this as a matter of common sense for years. Strawberries, for example; obviously they are available year round but how to compare a January strawberry that arrives in the grocery store pale, tired and grumbly from all that travelling with the sweet, deeply red jewels we’re savoring this month?

(And, unlike their winter counterparts, these summer fellows do not have the unfortunate texture of a raw potato).

Even within the (almost daily, I confess) samplings of strawberries that I have been eating there’s a wide swoon factor between local and really local; these are the almost black-red, luscious little pillows that have no hint of tartness and adding cream or cake or anything else seems to impinge on their pure, clean taste.

There’s nothing like them is there? Continue reading

Rhubarb Crowns!

Finally! IMG_0510There is hope for spring! Today the air was soft and warm again and I scampered outside to assess the progress of my garden before work and noticed that all the rhubarb crowns (I love calling them this) are pushing through the frozen ground, stretching up their tiny garnet arms and tightly compressed buds for anyone who cares to see them.  (I always think of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and Audrey II  when I first see these …)

But this is the first genuine sign of spring and I am greatly heartened.

I understand (well actually, I don’t really understand ) but I hear, that there are those who are completely indifferent to rhubarb but to me, it’s a delicious taste that is easily overlooked and available for such a short season;  and the colour alone! That clear, deep, jeweled pink unlike no other,  is so beautiful, particularly when combined with strawberries.

And, speaking of strawberries, I have seen many confirmed rhubarb-haters change their minds rather quickly over a piece of lattice-topped rhubarb-strawberry pie with a scoop of ginger infused ice-cream or some English custard. (Or both, let’s be honest here!) Continue reading

Piano – D.H.Lawrence



As the snows swirls sideways across my window, I re-read this poem and fall in love with D.H.Lawrence all over again. I feel as though his poetry is not celebrated as much as his so-called “dirty books” but to me, the poems are heady scraps of wisdom and depth, showing what a sensitive, insightful and thoughtful person he really was.

This poem is especially poignant to me because as a very young child, I remember crouching at the top of the stairs, hours after I had been sent to bed and straining my ears to catch what my parents and their friends (probably slightly tipsy) were singing as my mother played our stylin’, state-of-the-art Sixties organ and everyone sang along. Continue reading

Family Matters


Fred Elliiot


I know very little about my mother’s family and lately I have fallen prey to searching which is, apparently, rampant among the aging Boomer population who are all trying to stoke their ongoing fascination with the past (and indirectly death), by desperately trying to get something, anything, down on paper that will both document and preserve their own life’s relevancy.  And lest anyone is about to point out the irony of a self-indulgent blogger snidely calling out other people, I absolutely agree. But I don’t think this is very unusual; no one wants to feel that when they duff off their mortal coil that’s it, do they?

But, let’s leave that for another post. Continue reading