Merry Christmas 2017: Analysis

I took a series of writing classes many years ago now and one of the suggestions that the instructor offered up, was to consider a simple object in one’s everyday life (shoes, for example) and “stream of consciously” write about anything that came to mind. I have used this methodology many times since and it’s certainly a good kickstart to begin one’s writing day, if you are lucky enough to have that luxury.

As I was thinking about all this, I will share that this year, Niles asked for a “whizzer stick” (my own bastardizational term for an immersion blender) but in the few days since Christmas (which feel like as many years) I have felt as though someone has lowered one into my emotional core. I don’t know if I am the only one who needs to just sit and stare at the wall after Christmas but after ten solid days of cooking, cleaning, fretting and trying to pretend I don’t feel like hiding in a closet with some (decent) gin, my tranquility resources are, (in keeping with the season) in the red.  Continue reading