Speranza Whaaat? / Why I write this Blog

Actually coming up with a valid reason as to why I’ve started this blog and why you, dear reader, would even find it relevant is exceptionally daunting, especially since most writers are prone to equal parts of self-doubt and self-loathing in the first place. That said, after many years of everyday conversation, I am convinced that when one makes oneself vulnerable it can be not only cathartic but ultimately quite useful as well.

And not to come over all Aristotelian in the first paragraph but I’m merely suggesting that honest sharing – whether it be in a heartfelt chat, poetry or writing – can be extremely validating and often uplifting.  Quite simply, it can be comforting to find that someone thinks or feels the same way as you have yourself.

My blog is called ‘Speranza Now’ because aside from being one of the coolest words I have ever heard, ‘Speranza’ was also the pseudonym of Lady Jane Wilde who was not only a gifted (if formidable) writer herself but yes! Oscar Wilde’s mummy!

I also like that the root word ‘Spero’ in Latin essentially translates to ‘I hope’ which is basically all that we have left after Pandora opened that damned box.

I feel certain that I never promised that this blog was going to be high art (in case anyone is already curling their lips back) but perchance you will be amused or find my take on things to be of some value.

That’s it.

I do hope that you enjoy your time here and will visit many times more.




One comment on “Speranza Whaaat? / Why I write this Blog

  1. Tam Tam says:

    So funny! LOL-ing right now. So true. In your mid-thirties you’re like “I’m old now, but I’m cool, so that’s where I’m gonna stay.” Sad.

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