Full Moon Fever



Often I find myself unable to sleep or feeling anxious (alright, super anxious) for no good reason and then, as I sit upright in bed and see the narrow, silvery light coming through the window in my bedroom making that long stripe across the floor, I suddenly realize that oh yes.

A full moon cometh.

And although I will feel relieved that there is an explanation, that special brand of anxiety and weepiness will stay with me a few days more. (Incidentally, a quick google search for “full moon and anxiety” will show that I am not alone although some of the sites are not actually as scientific as I would prefer).

I have similarly noticed at my place of employment that The Public is also hugely affected by this event (don’t get me started) and we have now taken to marking the Lunar moment on our big schedule in order to better prepare ourselves.  (After all, etymologically speaking, the root of the word “Lunatic” is “Lunar” so, you know, “moon” so the reference should be fairly clear). It’s definitely not a coincidence. And, it certainly tends to enhance the marbling of ‘crazy’ in those who are already raising it to an art form).

I find that not only am I uncharacteristically emotionally labile at this time but also, the dreams I have (when I finally do fall asleep) are vivid and will stay with me for days. It’s extremely strange and though I have no hair in my palms (at the present writing) I really do believe in this.

A friend of mine used to say that everyone accepts the influence that the moon has on the tides, but are we ourselves nothing more than “pillars of fluid?”

I have never forgotten this.

Happy Full Moon – watch your step.




One comment on “Full Moon Fever

  1. bflyguy says:

    I am a big fan of the full moon each month (sometimes 2 in a good year). It is easy to understand its effect on the watery mortal frame, as it does have a dramatic pull on the oceanic tides. Over the years, each month, if he is home, I drag my now 19 year old son to the front porch to gaze briefly and silently at this monthly apparition. Not much we say, sort of a silent,”hey, it’s the full moon”. We probably seem like idiots to any neighbors who happen to catch us at this moment. My respects to you and others, who do suffer under its effects. You need to go no further than a hospital ER to appreciate how this brilliant orb can raise ones emotional hackles, unfortunately and unkindly on a monthly basis.

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