Imagine Finding Me – Which I Just Found

I came across a reference to photographer/artist Chino Otsuka recently and I was so intrigued I made a note of her name to pursue later. (Although this is nothing out of the ordinary. This is how I read these days. I sit down with an ugly stack of lemon post-its beside me to jot down titles or references to be researched later).

I have great plans to purchase a tiny notebook for this purpose, maybe even a Moleskine, but as I write today I continue to find curled, yellow, origami projects in my pocket that provide a delightful intellectual surprise on laundry day.

Chino Otsuka had a exhibition a number of years ago called Imagine Finding Me in which she has combined photographic images of herself from the present with those from childhood and various times in the past. The result is strangely moving and slightly unsettling. There is also a series of sparse but potent accompanying words in which she refers to herself as a “tourist of my own history.”

Reminded me of Scrooge but you know, with Photoshop.


4 comments on “Imagine Finding Me – Which I Just Found

  1. Mrs. Loudshoes says:

    I’ve seen that series before! (OF COURSE I HAVE!)I loved it! The one aspect of time travel that appeals to me is the idea that you can go back and visit places you were at as a kid and really get a good look at them….this is as close as we’re going to get!

  2. Speranza says:

    Everything you say is true – as usual!

  3. Debra says:

    So wonderful to find such lovely yellow post-its in your pocket. And thanks for the introduction to this photo series. I have seen similar books that put the past and present together, and it often ends up with me almost in tears šŸ˜‰

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