MadMen Allusions No Illusions



No one has captured an era more effectively, more poignantly and frankly, more truthfully than the creators of ‘MadMen.’

I won’t make this into a thesis paper – even though I am tempted and could go on and on with psychological examples – but the way that the children are treated especially resonates with me.

Consider the following conversation circa 1965 between myself and my perfectly lovely mother.

ME: “When Daddy leaves the car running, I get really scared. I know you can’t drive and I worry that the car will drive away on its own. What would happen?”

MUM: (Lighting a cigarette and snapping open the newspaper) “Don’t talk daft. Now, are you peeling the carrots?”

You will notice the distinct absence of any heartfelt “When you say, I feel …” conversations, no one-on-one explanations and certainly no therapists were consulted.

And you know what? All I wanted was a practical answer like, “hell, we’d pull the car key out” or how about “I know where the hand brake is?” I continued to fret for YEARS about this and have since relegated it to some control issues I may have had as a child although really, truly, I just wanted to know if ANYONE knew where the brake was. It’s not that unreasonable! Continue reading

Sometimes I Want the Cream


I’ve been paying more attention lately to my female co-workers, friends and families and the way they talk and deal with the men in their lives and it is completely fascinating to me how men are still being revered and pacified (I use this word intentionally) so automatically and unconsciously. It’s been absorbed into our psyche and our culture to keep them on the content side of things.

(Or maybe it’s just anything for a quiet life since so many men are renowned for their tiny sense of tolerance and their quickness to unnecessary anger.)
Which has obviously worked for them during their tiny childhoods. Continue reading