Who has Time?



Every woman I know is always lamenting a lack of time. We all seem to be rising early to do tasks or exercise before work and staying up a bit later (folding clothes by the silvery light of the dryer) just to unlock a few moments for ourselves, perhaps at the end of the week.

But then, that moment never actually materializes.

It’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to realize that no matter what I do or how much I plan, that time for myself will never present itself because I make sure to sabotage it every time by doing one more thing, pushing myself to wipe baseboards when I could be relaxing, thinking how happy people would be to have some really quality prosciutto to wind around those fat, ripe pears or researching different, easier ways to clean the shower on youtube.

It’s as though the Bank of Things-I-Want-To-Do is constantly in overdraft and I just throw a few coins at it now and then (hey, look at me,  I’m reading a book outside at lunchtime and drinking chocolate milk!) just to keep it in the black.

Is it because I feel undeserving? Is it because I am still too worried about making sure everyone else has what they need/want?  (Probably).  Is it because I fear that I will not even know what to do because I have been spinning so long? (NO! I have a long list of interests yet to be tapped!) Is it because I really believe that this week I can actually pull it off … Continue reading

Cooking like Mummyji – I Wish!!

india street artOne of my key ways of cheering myself up involves eating, making or reading about Indian food. (Often, all at the same time).

I also enjoy a nice outing to the Indian grocery store; I do my best when I’m there, trying respectfully to use the right words (atta instead of flour and never referencing a ‘curry’ since this is a crass Anglo-misnomer) but I’m also cringingly aware that they may think I’m pulling a “Food Channel-Poseur” and will be holding themselves up at the counter, screaming with laughter behind the Bollywood dvds as I leave …

(I do prefer to believe that my sincerity is not in question as I have been the recipient of more than a few whispered best-ways-to-do-this  during my visits …)

Indian mothers throughout the world – Mummyjis, if you will – you have my utmost respect and admiration! I applaud the sheer time and love it takes to make just one Indian meal and the skill that is involved in making everything come together at the right time.  We often joke at home that it takes two days notice just to make a proper Indian lunch – never mind dinner! (And to Son #2, no I still don’t think it’s necessary to rub the chickpeas through a sieve to remove their skins and this will not be happening in my world …) Continue reading

Someone’s Mum’s Rotisserie Chicken


Everyone has those recipes that they have been going back to and relying on for years but no one is really quite sure of the recipe’s origin!

I am not alluding to misplacing a link to the Food Channel now or that really cool thing Jamie Oliver did with, well, anything really but rather, unknown, unsung, possibly ancient recipes that have been in my culinary canon for-Ever.

And because I have library DNA I do always “note my source” and will always share it here when available but for these recipes listed here ongoingly, as Someone’s Mums? That is exactly what it means.

(End of disclaimer.)

This is a wonderful chicken to make when it’s raining especially, as it fills the house with its delectable smell of homey, savoury, chickeny goodness.

The only downside is that, as the Rolling Stones once sang, you must have Time on Your Side – 4-5 hours no less. I know, I know but the slow wait is well worth it and this is what Sundays are for.

Do be sure to up the heat at the end just to be sure everything crisps up nicely and any lingering worries about poultry not being cooked at a high enough temp should be chased away.

(Just like the slow cooker really when you think about it …)

Don’t be substituting the paprika for any cheap and nasty variations either – if you don’t have the right stuff, I beg you to please make something else.


3-4 lb. chicken, organic if you can manage it otherwise any will do


2 tsp. kosher salt

1 tsp. ground white/black pepper

3 tsp. decent smoked paprika

¼ tsp. celery seed

Olive Oil

  1. Preheat oven to 260 F. (Yes! Not a typo! 260 F! )
  2. Squeeze lemon over chicken and then place inside the chicken cavity.
  3. Combine all spices with about 2 Tbs. olive oil and rub all over chicken including underside. (If you feel like putting some small potatoes around the bird, this will be a thing of beauty later on.)
  4. Cook for 4 hours and then check wings which should be loose and easily moved, almost falling off. If not, may be cooked about another 30 minutes or so.
  5. Increase oven to 400 F and cook another 10-15 minutes till crispy. Be careful not to overcook at this stage but give it 10 minutes minimum.
  6. Wrap chicken in foil for another 5-10 minutes to allow juices to return.
  7. Drain drippings and refrigerate till the fat solidifies and may be lifted off carefully. The remaining essence makes amazing gravy if you like but chicken should be moist enough without.


MadMen Allusions No Illusions



No one has captured an era more effectively, more poignantly and frankly, more truthfully than the creators of ‘MadMen.’

I won’t make this into a thesis paper – even though I am tempted and could go on and on with psychological examples – but the way that the children are treated especially resonates with me.

Consider the following conversation circa 1965 between myself and my perfectly lovely mother.

ME: “When Daddy leaves the car running, I get really scared. I know you can’t drive and I worry that the car will drive away on its own. What would happen?”

MUM: (Lighting a cigarette and snapping open the newspaper) “Don’t talk daft. Now, are you peeling the carrots?”

You will notice the distinct absence of any heartfelt “When you say, I feel …” conversations, no one-on-one explanations and certainly no therapists were consulted.

And you know what? All I wanted was a practical answer like, “hell, we’d pull the car key out” or how about “I know where the hand brake is?” I continued to fret for YEARS about this and have since relegated it to some control issues I may have had as a child although really, truly, I just wanted to know if ANYONE knew where the brake was. It’s not that unreasonable! Continue reading